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Moses Garfield, my great great grandfather, was born in Schroon Lake, NY in 1818,
and at the age of 18 years, traveled with his parents Caleb and Electa (Averill) Garfield, to Portage County, Ohio.

In 1841 he married Hannah Tousley in Portage County, Ohio. His first cousin, James Abram Garfield also lived there at the time and was later to become a prominent figure in history.

In 1848 Moses moved to Rubicon, Wisconsin where he worked at farming.

In 1862, when the Civil War was just starting, Moses took six of their twelve children and moved to Waterloo, Wisconsin where he again worked the land.

In 1866 Moses bought 120 acres of land near Neillsville, Wisconsin and remained there until his death in 1883.

Moses and Hannah's burial sites are located in the cemetery there and recently markers were placed on the sites by Christine Mercer-Cleasby and myself.

One of Moses and Hannah's sons was George Francis, born in 1860.
George married Augusta Howard and in the 1920's, they owned the general store in Rock Elm, Wisconsin. George and Augusta had eleven children, one being James Franklyn who was called Frank. Frank was in the U.S. Army during World War 1, and saw action in France where he was a motorcycle courier. At the end of the war Frank married Clara Reinkey and they lived in Spring Valley until his death in 1967. He owned the Chevrolet dealorship in Spring Valley as well as other enterprises.
Frank and Clara had seven children, two daughters and a son, Robert are still living at this writing in May of 2002.

My father, Robert, is 82 years old and lives in a retirement home in Chico, California.
He came to California and worked in the aircraft industry during World War 11 and later became an automobile mechanic, specializing in transmission work.
He married Marjorie Schweitzer, a native Californian and they had three children.

I am Stephen, the eldest son and I live in Burney, California, a rural area near the Oregon border. I worked in law enforcement for 24 years and have been teaching at college level for 13 years. My wife Carolyn and I have been married for 34 years
and we have two daughters.

Although this branch of the Garfield name will end as there are no sons to carry it on by myself or my brother, the Garfield heritage will continue through five grandchildren produced by our Garfield daughters.